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2nd Mount

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Williamson, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. 64C67C84-57E4-4E33-BE6D-81C9EF93B08C.jpeg CECD4272-2606-42ED-B828-381B8BF78F19.jpeg CDA0F969-9185-4ED2-AFFE-07703CD3161C.jpeg 41C79C32-66CF-4842-AC09-5B7FA2B471AC.jpeg F077EC7F-DBE2-497B-B6DE-2450C53DB7CF.jpeg 2nd attempt at full sneak mount. First pictures is the first attempt followed by the second. Whats yalls opinions?

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  2. Need better pictures. But from what I can see the eyes are very rough and not the correct shape. They're not symetrical either. Ear butts look like you used too much clay. The ears need groomed and carded. The excess clay in the ear butts is partially to blame for your eyes being out of shape. The eyes are pretty rough looking as well. Left eye looks like it's not tucked well. They're just really rough looking and no distinct eye lid. Too much lower lip showing. I can see that it's wet, but it's still pretty rough looking. It's only your 2nd deer. Get Rick Carter's video, good reference and keep working at it. It will get better if you study reference and try and replicate what your looking at. That's the hard part. Don't get in a hurry and take your time.
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  3. I took those pictures before i carded the ears and i worked on the eyes this morning i wanted the clay to set some so it would hold shape better. I will take somemore pics shortly. Thanks for the advice so i cant fix my errors before its to late
  4. 4ED96439-8FD1-4C10-9F8C-D3AA12B7754F.jpeg
  5. 2EE4E87E-2ECF-4170-8BF9-41E444281F1C.jpeg 4B14C968-12EE-4DFB-AD40-E9FCA54AD0D5.jpeg
  6. KatieC

    KatieC Active Member

    There's a lot going on there, I recommend Rick Carter's video too. Very affordable for all the info you'll get and it will help get you going in the right direction. Your second is definitely better than the first; watch the video, study reference, and keep at it. The ears on the first are some of the best "rain catchers" I've ever seen. ;) Glad you got them more natural looking on the second.
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  7. Where can i find the video? I’m not able to find it anywhere
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Definitely eyes and ears. If Rick's video doesn't answer your questions, get reference pictures and perhaps even some cast eye molds.

    Not only are your earbutts too big, they are too far back on the head. Look at a deer skull and notice where the interior ear opening is. Your ears are positioned as rain catchers. The top portion of the ear prevents water from running down into that ear canal and should always be kept with that in mind. As the deer rotates them back, the effect remains the same with the "shed" covering the interior ear.
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  9. John67

    John67 Member

    You’re welcome. It’s a great dvd; wish it was available when I started taxidermy!