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Nice Prime Interior Alaskan Lynx

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by akntrpr, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. akntrpr

    akntrpr Member

    Plenty of prime cats of every size to choose from. Like last year all animals come with an I.D. tag (see pic) with order caught, date caught, NTB, NTE, Neck, girth, weight, sex, unit caught, and how caught. I have kits 26"-29", 30"-34" females and 30"-36" males. Kits $140 30'-$150 31'-$160 32"-$170 33"-$180 34"-$200 35"-$220 36"-$240 all are plus shipping. Prices are for green skinned and shipped frozen. For furs fleshed, ears turned, stretched and air or salt dried add $10 for furs fleshed, ears turned, lips, eyes, nose split, stretched, and air or salt dried add $20. As usual all furs are guaranteed. Shipped on Monday's I take credit/debit cards. For purchase or questions P.M. me on here or text 907-406-0135 Ted Thanks for looking!
    016.JPG 014.JPG IMG_1797.JPG 016.JPG 014.JPG
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  2. Do you have a Lynx Shoulder cape available? I need a mature cat with good ears as that is what I am needing for a repair job Thanks in advance for any help Marty Prater

  3. Vanillajazz06

    Vanillajazz06 New Member

    Can I get two of your smallest kits?
  4. akntrpr

    akntrpr Member

    Dozens in stock!
  5. Mharris

    Mharris Member

    o you have any with a girth of 20”
  6. akntrpr

    akntrpr Member

    Lots of taxidermy lynx as well as tanned garment Lynx and Marten
  7. Thank you for the beautiful lynx. Will be buying again.
  8. Trade for a Very nice Midwest deer cape?
  9. Understand you have them skun and frozen. Would you consider shipping whole and unskun?
  10. akntrpr

    akntrpr Member