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Large Freezer Cleanout All Priced To Sell Fast

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by mdupertuis, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    SO I have a large amount of skins I need to sell, all are tanned unless otherwise noted. All skins are ones I have kept back to use as stock or competition hides, I do not keep or try to sell junk, ever. If you don't see something listed here, PM me, I may have something. I Will take credit cards only for these sales, and I will ship the day I am paid. Buyer pays actual shipping as well. I will ship free on purchases of 3 items or more. Please email me at [email protected], I will reply in the order I receive the messages. What I have for the first part of the sale is as follows:

    Item 1: 7 1/2 x 12 Antelope Doe, tanned and prepped/sewn to mount. $65
    Item 2: 7x12 Antelope Doe , tanned, prepped/sewn for mount. $65
    Item4: Lifesize Beaver, dorsal skinned, mint. 2 1/4x30x32, nice $100
    Item 5: LS Coyote, western and mint, walking downhill form included $300
    Item 6: Elk cape, Wyoming fall bull, frozen raw, 300" bull, 30ish inch neck $150
    Item 7: Elk Cape, Wyoming fall bull, frozen raw, 300" bull, 30'+ neck $150
    Item 8: Elk Cape, Wyoming fall bull, frozen raw, 330" bull, 30'+ neck $150
    Item 9: Wyoming winter lifesize red fox. Dorsal cut, mint, zero holes, raw $100
    Item 10: Silver Fox Lifesize, tanned, mint, dorsal cut and comp quality $300
    Item 11: Red Fox Lifesize, frozen whole, zero damage and beautiful $100
    Item 13: Tanned Marmot LS, 13x19, rug cut, nice hide $50
    Item 14: Lifesize Mule Deer, ventral cut, nice, 7 1/4x19x45x60 $175
    Item 15: Mule Deer cape, 7 1/2 x 21, excellent skin. prepped/sewn $150
    Item 16: 5 large prarie rattlers frozen whole, no damage but no heads $50 all 5
    Item 18: Val Rhebok Lifesize, decent skin, 5 1/2x9x22x40, very mountable $150
    Item 19: Tanned Warthog cape from large male, excellent skin $250
    Item 20: Tanned whitetail tails only, 2 of them. $20
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  2. highrivers

    highrivers New Member

    Hey! I am interested in the mule deer cape if you still have it?

  3. cifago

    cifago New Member

    Would you post to Malta Europe
    Would be interested in so.e tanned capes and life size skins
    Thanks Jason
  4. moonshine

    moonshine Active Member

    How large are the prairie rattlers
  5. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

  6. pat

    pat Member

    Any pictures of the tanned life-size beaver? Thanks Pat
  7. Jentzhunting

    Jentzhunting Member

    Interested in item 6 and 7, elk capes. Do you have pictures? It says fall, when? Thanks