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Looking For Reliable Tanned Fox Pelt Seller

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Alex Pierce, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Alex Pierce

    Alex Pierce New Member


    I am starting to try my own taxidermy. My first few pieces came out quite well but the hardest part is finding the pelts I’d like. (I’m not ready to try tanning them myself yet! Perhaps soon!)

    I’m looking for someone that has a reliable supply of ranch mutation tanned Fox pelts. (Sun Glow, cinnamon, marble, lavender, watermark, etc.)
    I need taxidermy ready, not wall hangers.
    Legs, lips split, ears turned, etc.

    I already have a supplier for silver pelts, but I’d like all sorts of unique pelts.

    In the future, upcoming months, I can buy multiple pelts at a time.
    So please, if you’d like a steady customer and have what I’m looking for,
    Please get in touch!

    (I’m not interested in grey foxes at this time. I might want some reds, but those seem to be abundant and I’m really looking for a steady supply of unique pelts.)

    Thank you!
  2. tcrawfo1

    tcrawfo1 Member

    Hi, I have some competition grade pelts, all prime, dry tanned. I'll have to look in the cold storage, but think I have cinnamon, silver, maybe cross, pearl. You can call 330 4841768
    These are xx and xxx sizes. I need to get photos done. Will be advertising shortly.