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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jokerpie, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. jokerpie

    jokerpie New Member

    what is Mr. James Halliday’s report card?? Has anyone done business with this individual?
  2. juli

    juli Active Member

    Screenshot_20190121-143318_Messages.jpg Screenshot_20190121-143326_Messages.jpg Screenshot_20190121-143333_Messages.jpg

    These texts were the result of a wanted ad I placed looking for a competition red phase coyote. Forum user James Halliday and Kieth Rollins are likely one in the same person and probably has no clue about taxidermy at all.. just a scammer... (using the same phone number)
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  3. jokerpie

    jokerpie New Member

  4. jokerpie

    jokerpie New Member

    He scammed me.... Beware of this person!!!
  5. Coyena

    Coyena New Member

    James Halliday is the name of a fictional character from the book/movie "Ready Player One"
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  6. Alex Pierce

    Alex Pierce New Member

    Be careful!
    A scammer tried to get me, too!
    He used someone else’s name on here, saying he would take payment in the form of Amazon Gift card.
    When I looked the screen name up, I saw a comment thread of someone else who had been scammed and the real guy had no idea!

    People get random pics from google and troll the wanted section. They email people that are new to the site and claim to be other people.

    Never pay with western union or gift cards.
    If it sounds fishy, go with your gut!
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  7. Alex Pierce

    Alex Pierce New Member

    That’s the same guy who tried to scam me with Fox pelts!
    Same phone number!
    He said he was Huntingbig
    But I messaged the real Huntingbig and he apparently tries this often.

    I just realized it was th same phone number.
    What a ballsy d*** to keep doing the same scam over and over.

    He told me his name was Devon Patterson