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Diaphanization Kits

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by Kdeport, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Kdeport

    Kdeport New Member

    When I first started looking into clearing and staining specimens I found sourcing all of the the required chemicals to be pretty frustrating and expensive. Some of them I could only find in bulk, making it hard to order just enough for the average joe that just wants to try it out on 2 or 3 specimens. If I were to put together kits containing all the required chemicals for small scale batches would anyone in this community be interested in something like that? I want to help out people that are interested that might be put off by the legwork and cost of buying everything individually. And it would solve my problem of having a huge over abundance for what I need for my personal projects.
  2. Ryan Suto

    Ryan Suto New Member

    I might be interested

  3. I'd be interested! I really love the process & outcome, but I hate the up-front cost.

    If it was a kit for tiny [think baby-bird or fetuses] / small [small rodents might fit into this category] / medium [snakes] - this would be pretty awesome, and you could count me as a +1.
  4. YetisburgAddress

    YetisburgAddress New Member

    Just a heads up that Alcian Blue 8GX is a bit expensive compared to Alizarin Red S. I had read in a few research articles that there was a worldwide shortage (?)
    Honestly I am not sure why though.

    I do have years worth of extra stuff if you folks are prepared to understand the process an how to dispose of the chemicals properly afterwards. (I usually do like 4-6 specimens each batch, so this stuff will last forever)
  5. Jaegerbones

    Jaegerbones New Member

    I would love possibly a larger amount as I wanted to do a batch of goldfish. Some people will do just the red bc the blue is crazy expensive
  6. YetisburgAddress

    YetisburgAddress New Member

    Ah, yes. Most folks only do the red because the blue is like ~$150 for 25g.
    I don't resell the specimens I prep, so it's more of a matter of understanding and appreciating the technique as a whole, rather than making a bit extra off shortcuts
    Here's a 1.5" cham I salvaged and stained the other day; he was so dried out and essentially an isopropyl mummy when I got him from the seller. He seems to be doing much better now, lol
    20191223_130936.jpg IMG_20191224_062554_441.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2019