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Wanting To Learn In Michigan!!!

Discussion in 'Training' started by Catfishcreek, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Catfishcreek

    Catfishcreek New Member

    Hello, I am new on here. I live in the southwest Michigan area and I know very little about taxidermy. I hunted and fished most of my life but, I have never really considered getting into taxidermy until recently. so, I am looking for someone that will let me at least observe the different taxidermy processes to see if I really want to try to get into it and before I pay good money to attend a school or some good one on one training! I am highly considering contacting Troy Rose for one on one. I have read from many that he is one of the best, but I just really want to watch the processes first. I am only asking to watch but, more would be nice also if someone is willing and has the time. I understand that most taxidermists don't have the extra time to teach someone.

    I understand that asking to apprentice someone is out of the question because of the chance of competition issues or going to work for a competitor. I understand that and myself and family are planning on relocating in a couple of years anyhow, so no need to worry about that! We are not originally from Michigan.

    I also understand that asking to be compensated for my time to be a helper or apprenticed or something would asking to much if someone had the time and was willing to show me a few things. Besides, they should be the one getting compensated for using their time and being nice and also helpful to someone they don't even know!

    So again, if anyone will at least let me watch or if you know some that may be willing to, please let me know. Have a nice day!

  2. The Michigan taxidermy convention is coming up go there watch the seminars ,talk to the other taxidermist.
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