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Freezer Clean Out - Need Stuff Moved

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by xBamberz, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Boss man is on me about stuff not selling quick enough for it to be "worth" it. Meaning if it's not worth it he'll go back to dumping stuff in a gulley to go to waste.
    SO I need to get some of this stuff sold and moved to keep that from happening.
    I am currently on mobile and cant post a bunch of pictures. If you want pictures I do have them though! Just email me for pictures
    [email protected]

    Items we have at the moment, everything is case skint with feet and tail left in, nothing is split but everything is there to be split.

    I have pictures of the damage for most that have damage so feel free to ask specifically for pictures of the damage.

    Red foxes:
    3 available, only two mountable. One only has three legs attached, fourth leg comes with it just. Ripped from freezer burn. Foot trap damage on all three but not bad on the two that are mountable.

    Grey foxes:
    3 available. Only one mountable. The other two were shot with high calibers so holes are big. Craft/ scrap pelts. One of them has a good cape though.

    1 available, not winter prime coat. Mountable with small foot trap damage .

    2 available, both mountable, but one was shot in the head, very small hole. The other is shot in the shoulder. Both smaller coons, but well furred.

    I have skulls available for each of these animals, all skulls are raw.

    Nothing is priced! I had prices but every time I price something someone else post one that has a lower price so I am done pricing, I am open to reasonable offers on everything down to the skulls. I have to give my boss what I make off these so no I can't send one for just shipping as that'd be out of my pocket. Not trying to be mean but I am open to realistic offers, not that. I'm not that desperate.
    Email me at [email protected] with any questions or if you want pictures.

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