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Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by HondaXR250, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. HondaXR250

    HondaXR250 New Member

    I know these arent reptiles, but closest i could come to a place to put them. Here we have a couple crawdads i finished recently. These were caught by my fiance while we were fishing. We collected the rocks, bark, beaver chewed stick, shells, and fish bones. I like to do all my mounts with a natural base. I dont freeze dry them, i actually open them up and remove the inside, then refill, pin in place, dry, paint. This summer i will be ordering some hermit crabs, halloween crabs, and a lobster to work on. Inverts like these are incredibly easy and fun to work with! Hope you enjoy!! John DSCN1135.JPG DSCN1129.JPG DSCN1130.JPG
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  2. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    Very nice!
    Down here in crawfish land, we drop them into a bottle of denatured alcohol alive. Hold them there til ready to mount. Break off the tail, removed the meat, fill with hot glue, then fill the abdomen with hot glue, and stick back together. Card until dry. They are great for accentuating fish habitat.

  3. HondaXR250

    HondaXR250 New Member

    Thanks! Sounds like a good way to do it. I just toss them in the freezer then wait til i get to them. I leave the tail attached, and cut the bottom of the tail and carapace open. Here is the first one i mounted, for a smallmouth mount....
    DSCN0933.JPG DSCN0940.JPG DSCN0949.JPG
    And a few years ago i caught one that measured 8" from tip of antennae to tip of tail. It was all tangled up in someones fishing line. I snagged their line. I cut all the line off him and took pics, then tossed him back in. Now i am kicking myself so badly for letting go of a monster like that.... DSCF8089.JPG DSCF8086.JPG