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Raw Coyote Skulls

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fortman, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. fortman

    fortman Member

    I have some extra fresh raw cayote skulls.I have to buy all the guy brings me as part of our deal so I have more than I need for summer food for my beatles. I have them bagged up with 8 per bag. I looked them over and sorted out the ones that had any damage as well as I could see on a frozen skull and just place the good ones in the bags. $32.00 per bag plus postage and they will NOT fit into a large flat rate box so will have to go UPS. I get some discounts from UPS so really depending on where you are cost might not be much more than a flat rate box price.

    Also have some coyote skulls that have a head shot/damaged teeth/etc that I would sell for $2 per skull plus postage.

    Todd Fortman
    Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery,LLC