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Question/ Thoughts

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by BowDeadly, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

    #1 Why is it 90% of the deer capes offered here are not short Y-CUTS, only takes a minute or two longer and if you don't do it that way cut it when you get it. Not all capes are butcher capes,that's the excuse I have heard. Most are cut long, the entire cape. So much easier to mount without all that stitching and it makes a nicer finished job. Yea I know you can stitch it up in 5 minutes and no one can till. If done properly it's a bit more than 5 minutes.
    #2 If someone is selling something why not post pictures (EASIEST THING TO DO) They say they can TEXT pictures. Not everyone does the TEXT thing, I know some live on their phone and probably Text everything. Some don't text, I probably couldn't TEXT if I had to. Well if they can TEXT pictures why can't they post them. I know for a fact it would help their sales. Some are so quick to post it again, if they posted pictures maybe they wouldn't be still selling the same item week after week, month after month.
    #3 If something is SOLD then why not post that it's SOLD instead of letting the post continue. Delete the wording and say it's SOLD,real hard people. Didn't know where to post these questions, that's why they are here.
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    WLELTD Active Member

    and why would a guy measure a cape over the hair when if he skinned it he would have the actual meat measurement?

  3. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

    Maybe he didn't have the meat to measure, might just have the cape ?????
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    who measures the skin over the hair?
  5. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

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