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Brucellosis On Hog Skin

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by c. hicks, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. c. hicks

    c. hicks New Member

    Anyone know if a tan kills brucellosis on a hog skin
  2. If your using Acid/Pickle solution before you tan then no bacteria is going to survive, the hide should be safe.
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  3. I worked with B. suis in college. If you have a know animal carrying this you should discard of the entire thing asap. This is very contagious zoonosis and can easily be contracted by humans. B. suis was the first biological agent weaponize by the USA for biological warfare. This can cause reproductive issues in humans. You should not be playing anywhere close to something like this. This is my opinion coming from vaccine research I did at TAMU.
  4. I am not sure if you or someone else skinned this out. But now you are left with a carcass containing a biosaftey level 3 agent which requires respirators, fully personal protection to prevent contact, and incineration or digestion of the carrier before being disposed of. This is up there with Yellow Fever, West Nile,and bacteria that causes tuberculosis
  5. Ok enough with the scare tactics, brucellosis is rare for an animal to have and can only infect you through open cuts, as long as your wearing gloves and disinfecting your work area when done handling your chances of catching something like this is probably 0.
  6. Hey take your health in your own hands. I am not trying to scare anyone I am starting facts. While yeah less than 200 people get sick a year in the US that does not mean it is not out there. Brucellosis suis in most common in TX, CA, FL, and VA. While not prevalent in domesticated animals, because we vaccinate, it is out there. Here is a link to the CDC on hunter ricks with brucellosis. I think it is better to be educated to know what you are working with. Again THIS IS MY OPINION
  7. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Yep. Right up there with skinning out an animal infected with rabies. Burn it and get rid of it.
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  8. He didn't say the hog was infected, he asked if the tan would kill brucellosis, yall a jumping to conclusions assuming the hog has it, the only way to know would be to test the specimen. I dont know any taxidermist who test hogs for infection, you would just handle them as if they were. As I said wearing gloves and disinfecting the work area afterwards.
  9. Micah Howards

    Micah Howards Active Member

    He didn't say it didn't have it......... They were being on the safe side....... Better safe then sorry.
  10. You make no sense, If just being safe were the case then no one would be mounting feral hogs. Please tell me how you'd know if hog has brucellosis or not I'm dying to know.
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  11. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    You simply Google it and learn.
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  12. Ok tell me how you would know if a hog has brucellosis please, Since I'm assuming you goggled and now you know the answer.
  13. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    Hogs carry this and a myriad of other diseases that are contagious to humans. I deal with wild hogs regularly. Wear protective gloves, and try, try, try not to nick yourself when skinning and raw fleshing. Wearing a respirator is probably overkill, that's up to the individual. They taste great when properly processed...just make sure to cook to well done temperatures.
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  14. Micah Howards

    Micah Howards Active Member

    I don't mean any disrespect sense you are my elder but I think this needs to be said.
    c. hicks asked if the Tan would kill the disease, and you answered. DeadperfectTaxidermy, was just saying to be careful and she had knowledge on the subject so why not share it?
    You started getting uptight right away, Quote "Ok enough with the scare tactics," Instead of that it would be much better to say" Thanks for the advice, but it is pretty rare for a hog to have that disease, Thanks tho.
    Sea Wolf, was just warning too.
    No need to get mad about this.