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Real Sun Bear Skull Bone Taxidermy

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Jack agus, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Jack agus

    Jack agus New Member

    VERY NICE SPECIMEN Sun Bear Skull s-l400.jpg s-l400 (1).jpg s-l400 (2).jpg s-l400 (3).jpg s-l400 (4).jpg

    Measurements : 18x23x12cm

    The condition is nice , please see at detail picture.
    We including permits to your customs
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  2. rossmy14

    rossmy14 New Member

    How much are you asking? Where are you located?

  3. Jack agus

    Jack agus New Member

    Hi Rossmy14
    sun bear price is $ 600 and shipping costs $ 62, I am in Indonesia and I have been trading skulls and taxidermy for a long time so I often send to the whole world, most USA and Europe. especially the fans were very happy with this skull
    Best Regards
    Jack agus

  4. aaronraby1

    aaronraby1 New Member

    how could anyone be happy with a face full of missing teeth? haha
  5. Jack agus

    Jack agus New Member

    yes the situation is like that, teeth are not complete. I got it like that
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