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Rotten Dealings With Crhine

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Mickey, May 2, 2019.

  1. Mickey

    Mickey Member

    I purchased two raccoon fetuses from crhine several weeks ago. Seller stated that he would ship them on Monday or Tuesday. Seller then decided he was too busy to ship them that week, so he shipped them the following Monday. I wasn't thrilled about waiting an extra week, but figured it was whatever...

    When the package arrived yesterday, crhine had not put any type of ice pack in the package. There was no insulation in the box, just a piece of wadded-up newspaper and a sad plastic baggie with two limp, rotting, room-temperature carcasses sitting in a pool of blood. I sent a message letting him know I was extremely unhappy and asked him why there was no ice/why my purchase was shipped to me like that, and was met with "out of all of my customers, you're the only one that's unhappy." When I asked again why he didn't use an ice pack, I did not get a reply.

    This guy will definitely not be getting my business again and I would advise anyone reading this not to give him your money. I also want to warn folks that he kept increasing the prices on his items each time he messaged me.

    I have had consistently good transactions with Bob Wendt, who deals with the exact same species as crhine (and Bob knows how to use an ice pack). I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

    A note to sellers, please ALWAYS use some actual insulation, whether it's fiberglass housing insulation (it's usually pink but comes in other colors depending on your hardware store) or a proper styrofoam cooler. You can buy these coolers at Dollar Tree for literally $1 and then put them inside a box. When shipping frozen items that are meant to stay frozen, pony up and buy a few ice packs (again, the dollar store!) or at the very least, freeze tap water in a used plastic water bottle and put that in the package. If you don't want to pay for these things, charge the buyer and stop offering free shipping! All of the empty space in your box should be 100% taken up by insulation, which (duh) keeps the package insulated and stops the specimens from melting and leaking bodily fluids everywhere. Opening a package should never feel like the elevator doors scene from The Shining.
  2. TFox

    TFox New Member

    I'm almost positive i bought the other 2 raccoon fetuses that were from the same litter from crhine. You said you bought them "several weeks ago" but received them yesterday. I think you mean two weeks ago? I bought the raccoons on April 22nd and he said that he wasn't able to get to the post office that day so he would ship them the following monday and he did just that. He shipped them out Monday without an ice pack like you said and I received them yesterday. I can assure you that the 2 i received were not rotten and they looked fine. As a matter of fact i made another purchase from him today.

    People make mistakes. Writing a whole essay about how bad someone is and how no one should purchase from them because they didn't use an ice pack is ridiculous.
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  3. kojak

    kojak Well-Known Member

    I think Mickey has a legitimate complaint! I have sold to Mickey a few times with no problem.
    I ship hundreds of birds every year and have never had a problem. I insulate with fiberglass insulation always, even in winter. If I ship in warm/hot weather I line the box with 1" Styrofoam and rap the birds in fiberglass. Most of the time they are totally frozen!
    If you package right you will never have a complaint.
  4. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

    When sellers send stuff like that they should be blasted on here. Anything sent with out and gel packs AND insulation have to be just plan stupid.
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  5. HondaXR250

    HondaXR250 Well-Known Member

    I see it both ways myself.

    Yes sellers need to be positive to pack as best they can knowing how the weather is at the time of shipping, time it takes to get to the destination, etc. But at the same time everyone makes mistakes. It just happens.

    I have met Crhine in person and personally know he is an extremely good guy, and wouldnt intentionally not care about the buyer. A while back i received a package that was beyond horrible, i just cant explain how bad it was. The post office was absolutely not happy with me at all! I contacted the seller letting them know everything and took pics just in case. But at the same time i know that it was a mistake, the creatures were still usable to me. So in a case like that i just dont leave feedback. Yes it irritated me to receive something that way, but at the same time it was still a mistake. So i dont want to bash the person publicly. Now had it been a transaction where i was completely screwed over, selling wouldnt ship, etc., than that would be a definite reason for bad feedback. As long as the buyer and seller can come to a compromise. As long as the seller admits they were in the wrong, and does their best to make up for it. I see no need to leave negative feedback.

    I used to ship thousands of live tarantulas and other inverts and know what packaging should look like. I shipped them to places that were -30F to +113F. And never had a single problem. I bought blue foamboard insulation, and heat/ice packs out of my own pocket. I packaged beyond compare. All this to make sure of the safety of the critter. I also had to provide live arrival guarantee or their money back. So i made sure they made it alive. But most importantly i didnt want the critter i shipped to lose its life due to a mistake on my part. I didnt have to just know the weather, i had to know the weather of the buyer, the travel time, the amount of time it will sit in heated warehouses, or in the back of a cold truck, every aspect that was from my hands to the buyers. I understand shipping dead critters is completely different. But in the aspect of packaging and customer service, its exactly the same.

    Im in no way saying the seller isnt in the wrong, or the buyer is in the wrong. Im just stating how i see both sides. Just make sure to package extremely well everyone. And when mistakes happen, make compromises, work together, due what you can to make everyone happy. Understand everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
  6. TFox

    TFox New Member

    I'm not saying shes wrong about the ice pack. All i'm saying is that i purchased the same thing at the same time. I received it the same way on the same day and the two raccoon fetuses that i received were far from rotten. I'm not exactly sure how that would happen considering i live in Florida and it's hotter than shit.
  7. crhine

    crhine Member

    Wow, I love getting on here and reading a big bashing thread about myself. Lets clear up a few things-

    She is right about the package coming later than originally stated. Although I didn't just "decide that I was too busy". I live in the middle of nowhere (not Chicago where everything is accessible) and most days im not within 20 miles of a post office. HOWEVER, I was VERY open about this and had good communication on my end that explained this. This DID NOT come as a surprise to her.

    "When I asked again why he didn't use an ice pack, I did not get a reply."
    -NOT TRUE. I did reply to her and I told her that Ive shipped over 750 skulls and I have never used an ice pack. I AGREE, I SHOULD HAVE USED ONE. and I told her this in my message.

    This guy will definitely not be getting my business again and I would advise anyone reading this not to give him your money.
    -That is fine if you dont want to buy from me again, it think other people that have had good success will continue to buy from me. To actually tell people to "not give him your money" because of one bad transaction, I think thats a little out of line, but that is your choice.

    I have had unsatisfied people in the past, usually its the post office using my packages as a hammer or something like that, and there are broken skulls. When the buyer can send me a DECENT message and explain the problem or their concern, I have the money refunded to them before I even reply to the message. I am not trying to rob anyone and I will fix any issues that come up. Mickey NEVER DISCUSSED WITH ME. She sent me one message then got on here to bash my name, never even asked if I would fix the problem, whether it be new fetuses or a refund. I think we are passed that point now.

    When sellers send stuff like that they should be blasted on here. Anything sent with out and gel packs AND insulation have to be just plan stupid.
    -As far as BowDeadly implying that Im stupid, not true. Quite the opposite actually. As I mentioned, I admitted to making a mistake as per Mickey and I will fix this in the future. And i dont think blasting someone on a forum should be done until buyer/seller have discussed it.

    There is 2 sides to every story and I understand that. Now you have an idea of both sides and how it was handled. I have clearly learned something from this and I will be making damn sure it doesn't happen again. Mickey-Maybe next time you will discuss it with me to find a solution rather than just asking why I didn't include an ice pack.
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