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Thanks To Mti Students

Discussion in 'Training' started by MTI, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. MTI

    MTI Member

    July 7th we will begin our last class for 2019. Next class will be in January 2020.

    Just wanted to say thanks to those students attending this class. And a big thank you to all our past students. Over the past 17 years of teaching taxidermy we have been very fortunate to meet and make friends with over 700 students. We are specially honored to have the opportunity to work with so many veterans. We appreciate you beginning your taxidermy careers with us.

    I invite all to follow our classes on Facebook. I post weekly pics of students and their projects. Just look up Missouri Taxidermy Institute. For former MTI students I also have another page. Missouri Taxidermy Institute Support Page. You will have to request membership to this one. But I’ll happily add you. This page is for use by MTI alumni. Allows you so stay in touch with your classmates and other MTI students from around the country, and the world. See what projects they are working on. Can also buy and trade taxidermy stuff, and hunts.

    Once again thanks to everyone. As always if we can help, give us a call. (I don’t get on this forum everyday).


    Missouri Taxidermy Institute
    Linn Creek, MO
    Text 573-746-0035
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  2. Marsed

    Marsed New Member

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  3. Robert Villok

    Robert Villok New Member

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    In the unlikely event that MTI is unable to resolve your complaint, the following California agencies, accrediting and approval bodies have processes available for receiving and responding to student complaints. Those listed below oversee MTI College and/or have a clear understanding of specific programs and service areas offered to our students.