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Iso Raw Skulls, Bones And Unwanted Pieces

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Caitie, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Caitie

    Caitie New Member

    Looking for anything anyone's willing to give up for cheap, free or trade. I've done Euro bone and skull whitening and skinning (no tan) as a hobby and want to get a few little pieces into the freezer for summer practice.
    It doesn't have to be in the greatest of shape (freezer burnt, cracked/broken cut/ripped, etc) I've gotten most of my experience from roadkill and thrift store dead-heads so I'm used to things being in rough shape.

    Willing to do work on a piece you done for cheap or for a trade.

    Anything small/ Medium;
    Mammals ( no domestic cats/kittens please)

    If you have any questions, let me know below or send me a message.
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  2. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    see my skull ad on the for sale forum. you might want to ck into the legality of posession of the raptor parts.

  3. Caitie

    Caitie New Member

    I'm able to keep raptor bones in PA. I've called the PA Game Comm. about what I can and can't pick up before I do anything when I find something. They said they basically care about intact roadkill deer, bear or turkeys since people purposely hit them for food or fur trade.

    Ill definitely check out your ad, thanks
  4. kojak

    kojak Active Member

    You better check with the US fish and wildlife service as far as possession of raptor parts. All raptors are under control of the US fish and wildlife service. State wildlife agency's have no control over laws pertaining to raptor. They only enforce federal laws!
    From what I understand from the laws on raptors I have read it is against federal law to possess any part of any raptor native to north America.
  5. Caitie

    Caitie New Member

    Oh. Well you have a point.. I'll contact my fish and game again to find out what I should do with them.
  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, they are very VERY wrong. All raptors of any shape and size are 100% FEDERALLY protected in every inch of the USA. You can't own, pick up, work on or even consider keeping even one feather that you may have found on the ground. If you have any sort of hawk/owl/falcon or anything else in your possession, bones, feathers, feet or a captured falcon fart in a glass bottle ..I suggest you go out and bury it all ASAP. ... Like immediately. The Feds do not fool around and you will be in a serious world of hurt with them if you get caught.
  7. Caitie

    Caitie New Member

    That I'll do. Thank you for the information.
  8. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    It's tough and I agree, it seems so wrong. I see dead hawks and owls on the side of the road. Dead from being hit by a car. Huge red tailed hawks, gigantic great horned owls and everything in between. It's really rotten to have to drive by them and just leave these beautiful birds to lay there and rot or get squashed. There are no salvage laws in place for dead raptors or even our songbirds. You can't touch a bluejay, robin or any other native bird either .. except for crows. You can in Canada but not in the USA. Would be so nice if something was added to that law to allow for salvage. The only entity in the USA that can have anything like this, is specifically a registered/licensed educational institution. Either a school, museum or a library. With proper paperwork, a taxidermist could prepare a specimen for one of the three but, when it is done, it has to be immediately turned over to the institution. Not only can a taxidermist not keep one or any part of one, if you are a licensed and trained falconer, you can have a live bird in your care to hunt with but, if that bird dies, you have to dispose of it and you are not allowed to keep any part of it even if it was raised in captivity.
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