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Apprenticeship/training Opportunities In Maryland?

Discussion in 'Training' started by FoxHill, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    Hi -

    I was curious if there are any opportunities to apprentice here in MD, or people looking for an eager worker to observe and help. I'm extremely interested in the craft, but would like to get more experience under my belt prior to going to one of the taxidermy schools near me.

    Any advice for finding places that might be willing to take an eager worker? Or people looking for one?

    I'm located near the Baltimore area.
  2. Chippers

    Chippers Active Member

    I'd recommend looking up local taxidermists and contacting them. Most people aren't actively seeking help (especially on this site), but might take you if you show interest.

  3. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird


    This is only my opinion but I think you might be better off going to the school FIRST. My reason? Once you learn something one way it is very hard to switch to another way. You will always be second guessing the instructor, who in your mind you will be saying "That's not the way old George showed me how to do it." (Yes, George, I am picking on you! Jokingly of course, I have learned much from you.) If it is a reputable school, they should be able to teach you tried and proven methods and the latest techniques. Taxidermist (me included) do tend to get set in our ways even if they are not the best way. Believe me when I tell you change is hard. Best of luck to you!
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  4. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    That makes a great deal of sense, thank you. I was under the impression a fair number of schools expect you to have a decent amount of knowledge prior to entering and seeking certification - if that isn't the case, then it's far more tempting to look into saving to enter one. :)
  5. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    Is it better done in person or via the phone in your opinion? I frequent the oddity shops around where I live, but I've yet to go to any actual taxidermist studios. From what I can tell the ones near me tend to be more appointment only/only if you're looking to get a piece mounted.
  6. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    Still looking...
  7. Ive been searching in Maine for a few years now for some type of schooling/training that I could attend while still working 40 hours during the week. A full time job means an actual month long taxidermy school is out of the question for me at this point, especially since all are out of state. The only luck I had was doing what Chippers said, call around to the local shops. I was able to get into one to learn on Fridays which worked around my work schedule.