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Tons Of Domestic Bird Skulls, Random Skulls

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by AllieC, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    72F23043-ACF3-4924-A3BD-2DC6E1D10DF6.jpeg A02A30FA-4519-40F8-AE41-A55BD9C7141E.jpeg 6F7E0BBA-75D9-4464-8095-FD5AEC18404F.jpeg 521CABA3-4A39-4140-A3C9-9D36FD917D84.jpeg 5044A440-2C74-49F3-9D2A-EE92595F432C.jpeg Can’t post all the pictures so ask for specifics. From the US!
    Shaft tailed finch- 10$
    Female Roul Roul- 15$
    Red crested cardinal (tanager species)- 25$
    Plantain Eater x3- 80$ each
    Gouldian finch x2- 15$ each
    Chicken x5- 5$ each
    Ring neck pheasant- SOLD
    Humes Pheasant- 15$
    Peacock pheasant (triangle hole in head, was supposed to be mounted)-5$
    Canary x5- 10$ each
    Button Quail x2- 10$ each
    African Green Pigeon- 40$
    Indian ringneck parrot x3- 20$ each
    Quail (bobwhite probably, maybe mearns)x3- 10$ each
    Red rump parrot x1- 15$
    Doves/pigeons x8- 6$ each
    Green Cheek Conure x2- 30$ each
    Lovebird x5-15$ each
    Budgie x6- SOLD
    Amethyst Starling x2- 40$ and 50$
    Superb Starling- SOLD
    Glossy Starling- 40$
    Male Roul Roul- 20$
    Grey Squirrel- SOLD
    Small burmese Python- SOLD
    Purple Grenadier- 10$
    Owl Finch- 10$
    African Fire Finch x2- 15$ each
    Red Browed Finch- 10$
    Fetal Silver Fox- SOLD
    African Pygmy Mouse- 40$
    Blue bill Finch- 15$
    White Faced quail Dove- 20$
    Hedgehog- SOLD
    Yellow Legged Honeycreeper- 75$
    Blue crowned Conure- 40$
    Baby Emu- SOLD
    Zebra Finch x8- 5$ each
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  2. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    TTT prices reduced

  3. AllieC

    AllieC Member

  4. Ksmith

    Ksmith New Member

    How can I purchase from you? Email?