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Exotic Taxidermy Wings

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by AllieC, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    7746D534-2F8E-41F6-A294-A63A87448A4D.jpeg AA890F59-E7AF-4D6E-9F5E-2027B4FBC3D6.jpeg D55258B9-6392-4B13-BF7D-FFAE55218A04.jpeg F34A921D-E274-4F57-AC7F-E3B9B0A6E527.jpeg 221666EE-B9F7-437C-9696-14B087EDD921.jpeg E356D044-B532-454B-B449-9D561FDA5D0D.jpeg 98F28115-0EB8-4452-9F8E-2D7D83E59DD9.jpeg 85A18729-AB11-4874-9345-703B2F8DC12A.jpeg 1E465A34-6847-450A-80C4-7599047BB865.jpeg PRICES REDUCED, NEED TO PAY VET BILLS. I have lots of wings available, will do larger order discounts. Everything was properly cleaned and groomed, taking time to make sure each bird is as nice as it can be. All birds died naturally, US only. Feel free to email for pics at [email protected]. Just a heads up my PayPal email is different so there’s no confusion.
    Teal Green Cheek Conure- 45$
    Black and White Pigeon- 25$
    Brown and White Pigeon- 25$
    Chocolate Brown Pigeon- 25$
    Grey Pigeon- 25$
    Opal Rumped Tanager w/tail- 20$
    Crimson seed cracker display skin- 25$
    White budgie- 15$
    Pastel Blue Budgie- 15$
    Pastel Green Budgie-15$
    Orange/Brown Canary w/tail- 15$
    Craft lot #2 (GCC tail,Owl finch wings unspread, Brown/yellow canary wing, gouldian finch wing) 20$
    Blue bellied roller w/tail 80$
    Yellow Gouldian Finch- 15$
    Green Lovebird w/tail- 20$
    Red Legged Honeycreeper w/tail- 40$

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  3. AllieC

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    Updated, items taken off and added