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Wife’s 1st Elk, 6pt Bull Perfect Velvet. Help!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Brandon Ortega, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Brandon Ortega

    Brandon Ortega New Member

    Hey guys I’m new here And I’m not exactly a taxidermist. I have beetles and do my own Euro’s and that’s the extent of my taxidermy. With that said, I took my wife out for her first Elk Hunt and she killed a fantastic Bull on the 1st of Aug. Prior to the hunt I spoke with my two taxidermists and their advise matched. Split the ends, hang antlers upside down, inject the synthetic formaldehyde in until clear. I was 4 hours away from my current taxidermist in 95° weather on hunt, and my other taxidermist an hour away gave me fair warning that he was not doing bears or Velvet this year(we killed two bears this spring also so that’s why I had to find the other taxidermist). I was just doing what I could with with the situation.

    So I did that. Quartered Bull, Separated head from vertebrae, got it all back to walk in refrigerator within 2 hours of kill where I removed bottom jaw and flesh from skull, got brains out, and then wrapped skull with plastic wrap to finish in beetles later. I split the ends, and attempted to inject base of antlers. Problem was the antlers were nearly at the perfect phase when the antler is hard, velvet is dry, but no rubs yet. The only soft part of antlers were G5’s and Main Beam points and the webbing where they connected. I attempted to inject low on the base, no luck. Moved further up and repeated these failing attempts until I got in the area of that webbing. Flushed a lot of blood out and hung upside down. Removed from cooler and got it back down to where I live in Northern Utah. I caked the velvet with the stuff taxidermist gave me, and I have injected numerous times to keep flushing blood at my house but now it’s taking a long time to dry. To assist in the drying, I used the nonstick bandage like material to wrap antlers points tight to force blood out but I have to keep poking needle all over the 5ths and MB to drain each day. It’s Making progress but where it’s still wet it is very loose on MB, I can twist it around easily. Will that tighten up and solidify to the antler? The only smell is the smell of the synthetic formaldehyde/tanning solution, I have kept bugs away and there is no off color so I DONT THINK it’s rotting. We are 7 days post kill. I would say the G5’s are dry or nearly dry and hard but Main Beams still 15-20% as soft and full as the day we killed it.

    Any advise, do better next times, or comments?

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  2. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    There is a brush on velvet tan you can purchase and use that can be purchased from Van Dykes or Mckenzie. Many people saturate the velvet with denatured alcohol with good results. I recommend getting something on it ASAP to preserve it or it very likely will rot or the beetles will devour it.

  3. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    wrap tight in newspaper and put in freezer
  4. Mooretitan

    Mooretitan New Member

    Watch white bone creation on YouTube. He has one on velvet and I did two last year and they turned out prefect