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Buyers Beware: Maria Schiullo/muddy Coyote

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Sugar, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Sugar

    Sugar Member

    WARNING: Maria Sciullo (Puffin the Badger, Rurouna on deviantart, Muddy Coyote etc) - Also before anyone says, she was removed as admin on this page a while back due to her business practices.

    This person has had countless bad reviews, accused of scams, poor quality and not sending out peoples items, but sharing my experience despite me always being supportive of her. I am aware that she is a nice person, that many people have had good experiences with her, but over the past 3 years there has been a string of bad reviews, people claiming to have been scammed and people waiting on items and mounts. Those who speak up either get blocked or bombarded and bullied into taking down comments and posts by friends. However, I thank the six people who have come to me with screenshots and their own claims to add to mine and encourage anyone with similar issues to send me whatever you think can help.

    She took in some pelts for me assuring me that she could export them for me as she 'was allowed to'. She sent one out to me two years back and received another 4, 3 foxes and a coyote, to send out to me. There is where the problems started.

    I had month after month of excuses. She was depressed, she had a lot on, she couldn't get to the post office etc. After 14 months I really pushed it and said I needed them as they wouldn't even be mountable at this rate. I paid her $80 (foolishly f&f, I trusted her) to send the items out and cover the postage.

    A month passes and they still haven't turned up. 2 months pass. I ask politely for a tracking number and have to pester several times for it. Finally I get it.

    However, when I put it into USPS it says that it has already been delivered; to her address.

    I message her asking what that was about but no answer. I ask and ask but my messages aren’t even marked as seen so eventually resort to asking in an admin chat that she's in where someone obviously pushes her to respond.

    She says that it hasn't returned to her address and she doesn't know where it is. I ask her to open up a claim for it as my postage and value cost must be covered at least. Nothing. I push, I ask people to contact her, she is reluctant to open up a claim. I phone USPS, they say that it’s been returned to her address and that I should contact the police if I haven't received it as it's out of their hands. I ask her to open up a claim again to assure USPS that she hasn't received it back, nothing. Eventually I get a screenshot of proof that she sent it but no answer to whether or not she would open a claim. However, when I look at the address, she had put it in completely wrong and said that I was in Northern Ireland...which would explain how it was never delivered seeing as I have never even visited let alone lived in that country.

    I post on her wall very politely just saying that I understand that she has been having a hard time but that all I want is for her to spend two minutes filling out a claim form so I can get my money back and that I will handle everything else so she doesn't have to have the hassle of it. I then get abuse from one of her friends saying I have no right to post on her wall and to get over it, things get lost all the time. I agreed to take it down and this friend assured me that Maria would fill out the claim form and keep in touch with me. However he never answered when I checked on this either and Maria blocked me.

    Now, I posted this exact post to several places before, most of which got taken down due to pressure from her and her friends I believe. However, credit where credit is due, she responded and refunded me the $80 postage. She then said that she would open a claim and if she could not get anywhere with it, she would refund me the value of the pelts in 2-3 weeks’ time due to her putting the wrong address on it and taking so long to respond and post them.

    She has now messaged saying she will not refund me the pelt value and ‘cannot open a claim’.

    Now, having spoken to a legal advisor I have paid for, the way the system works is that US residents need an export licence for animal parts. On export, they need to declare exactly what the item is and as such, compensation/insurance is also registered. Therefore, if she ‘cannot open a claim’ then this can be loosely translated as either ‘won’t open a claim’ or ‘can’t be bothered to open a claim’.

    Either way, it seems that she did not accurately declare the packages contents and therefore did not have insurance on it when she posted it to the wrong country. She cannot open a claim I suspect, because then she would have to describe what the contents were and seeing as it now seems that she does not have a licence, then it would open a legal can of worms for her.

    It's going to cost me, but I am pushing this through every avenue I can. I have contacted the export departments and confirmed my package never made it there to the best of their knowledge. I have also started the ball rolling on checking whether she actually even had a licence to export in the first place, I got told yesterday that it seems that she is not registered for export but waiting for the registers to be checked before I have firm confirmation on this. I also phoned USPS today and they say that no claim has been open and no record of a Maria Schiullo or anyone from that address has phoned to query it.

    If anyone else has had a bad experience with her I would love you to send me evidence so that I can pad out the file I've made before I escalate this. Also any advice is 100% appreciated. last thing I ever wanted to do is reach this stage and I genuinely hate doing this but seeing as the complaints are countless about this girl, I am not going to leave this lie without pushing it as far as I can. Please in the meantime be careful and do not buy anything off of this woman. I will however say out of common curtesy that I do not wish for anyone to message this girl maliciously or with intent to argue with her. I do not endorse bullying or a mob mentality, I am just either trying to get what I am owed or make sure this never happens again.