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Buy A Black Bear Skull For 120$, Get A Free Kangaroo Pelt.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by devourment, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. devourment

    devourment New Member


    20190916_051353.jpg 20190916_053440.jpg 20190916_051638.jpg 20190916_051701.jpg 20190916_052801.jpg 20190916_052745.jpg 20190916_053202.jpg 20190916_051737.jpg 20190916_053155.jpg 20190916_051426.jpg

    Female vervet monkey, 80$ plus 10$ S&H. 90$ total.
    African crested porcupine, 85$ plus 10$ S&H, 95$ total.
    American black bear, 135$ plus 10$ S&H, 145$ total.

    I take Payment via professional business invoice, that way if I don't have your tracking number ready for you within 4-7 days, you can issue a chargeback and remain financially protected. The tracking number will be supplied over Paypal's tracking and shipping feature.

    The best way to reach me is by text (601-590-2830), or to a lesser extent, email ([email protected]). Please make sure to use that or message me, as comments on this thread might get hidden in accordance with forum rules.

    I will not accept phone calls. I will only sell to people or businesses within the US. No international.

    More pictures provided upon request, might work with counter offers and a budget. If a size comparison is desired to give you an idea of how large the skulls are, I can provide that as well.
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  2. devourment

    devourment New Member

    North American Black Bear Skull: 135$
    American Beaver Skull: 55$
    North American Bobcat Skull: 65$ (top / bottom mandibles glued shut, glue potentially dissolvable, not guaranteed)
    Buy the entire lot for 240$ (15$ discount) and receive a FREE African Crested Porcupine skull, 85$ value, not otherwise for sale. Once yours, you can do anything you like with it.

    Why am I selling so cheap? Due to my living situation, I cannot take my specimens with me when I move homes and begin renting my new apartment, nor can I afford a new computer device for work without the quick-sell bringing forth some amount of income. Not only this, but I loathe shipping and handling, and although I WILL sell to individuals, I do prefer bulk.

    Hope that answers some questions!

    And yes, I will send a professional business invoice to the PayPal you provide me, as well as the guarantee that a shipping number will be attached within four days or less, your money back guarantee otherwise. I pride myself on being a quick-ship partner in this transaction, and I want you to be as happy as possible.

    As well.. I'm selling the two preserved heads (Virginia Opossum and bicolor Domesticated Rabbit) at a 'pay what you want' offer, first agreed upon, first serve.

    P.S: all prices include S&H factored in, first post's prices inaccurate, everything else holds true. Images included as thumbnails, can take more pictures, etc.

    Seven day bump, by the way! Updating this thread tomorrow by 7 PM with an Asiatic Chinese water deer skull, female, and a two headed duckling gaff, unfortunately without case.

    20190916_101434(0).jpg 20190916_101428(0).jpg 20190916_100950.jpg 20190916_100935.jpg 20190916_053703.jpg 20190916_053658.jpg 20190916_051701.jpg

  3. devourment

    devourment New Member

    Weekly bump, price downed. Bobcat, Bear, Beaver all for sale for a total of 175$ for entire lot, includes shipping and handling. Quicksell desired, please leave 3-5 days for shipping, or money back guaranteed. Shipping number will be provided on the day of departure, and resellers are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED. Flip this lot! :)
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  4. devourment

    devourment New Member

    Let's try this instead; buy my bear skull, get a free kangaroo pelt, complete with tail.