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Adding a photo to your signature?

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by bdahyrt, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. bdahyrt

    bdahyrt New Member

    How in the world do you add a photo to your signature?
  2. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    An image in your signature cannot be uploaded as an attachment. It must be hosted elsewhere on the web, such as on your own taxidermy website or a photo-hosting website like photobucket.com.

    Once the image is hosted elsewhere, you can add it to your signature by using the [ IMG ] function as described in this tutorial: How to Add a Photo to a Post.

    To edit your signature, click on the "PROFILE" button at the top of the page.
    Under "Modify Profile", click on "Forum Profile Information".
    Edit your signature text to add a [ IMG ] tag containing your image's URL as in this example:

    Click the "Change Profile" button to save your changes.

    By the way, signatures can contain the same BBC code as messages, so you can add links, images, tables, smileys, or anything else you wish. For instance, in my signature below, both of the banners are also active links to two different websites.

  3. bdahyrt

    bdahyrt New Member

    Thanks Ken!