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"taxidermy Tourism" In Peru

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Jtown, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Jtown

    Jtown Member

    Hello all, I recently took a vacation with the old lady to Cusco, Peru. We found ourselves on many mini adventures from down-hill cycling to being sling-shotted across the river on the teleferico on our pilgrimage to Machu-Picchu. I snagged some taxidermy related pictures i thought some of you would enjoy.
    IMG_1945.jpg the tree man

    IMG_1668.jpg My new bear form

    IMG_1737.jpg IMG_1726.jpg IMG_1728.jpg Alpaca Rugs. they had many different styles and designs everywhere.

    IMG_1700.jpg I believe this to be just an alpaca hoof noise maker.

    IMG_1699.jpg IMG_1698.jpg Almost every street vendor had their insects packaged and ready to sell.

    IMG_1657.jpg IMG_1656.jpg I didn't see very much bird taxidermy. Does anyone know why their beaks are wired shut?

    IMG_1658.jpg With as many Armadillo shells as I have seen, I expected to see a lot more born dead on the side of the road. Especially how those crazy SOBs drive through the mountains.
  2. Jtown

    Jtown Member

    IMG_1527.jpg Peruvian pained bull horn.

    IMG_1701.jpg I saw this really cool knife, It used a goat horn, goat teeth and hair.

    IMG_E1524.jpg My guide tried to tell me this is a crocodile skin....

    IMG_1518.jpg Can anyone identify what kind of snake this is? Its been fermenting in sugarcane alcohol for over a year. My host was unsure of the class but was kind enough to pour me a couple of shots. It tastes a little earthy, but definitely strong.