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Arapawa Ram Again

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by the new guy, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Ok I got my tanned skin back on my wifes Arapawa Ram. I think a Mouflon form will work but the length on my skin is nearly 11 inches longer than the form. I know there is some wiggle room on the length. I did not spend a lot of time stretching the width but did a little. My skin measures 5 3/4" E-N the neck is almost 18" the girth with a little stretching was 38" but the length is 59". I was looking at the McKenzie LMS-11 form I think all will work but the length is only 48" Am I ok with this? Sorry but I have mounted a lot of small game lifesize but never anything this big. Any help is appreciated
  2. I guess I will just alter the form to the best of my ability.

  3. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    You should be good with that just test fit it and alter to fit your skin.
  4. creepers

    creepers natural history preparator

    T h at will fit easy , a Mouflon will work but I find the Corsican forms have a little more nose on them and a swell that suits the arapawa a bit better , and has many times before, but arapawa can be a fairly variable type of landrace sheep, you don't have to worry about the anatomy on the neck too much , usually it's best to stack the wool up the neck , makes em look awesome , the rest is hidden by dreadlocks!

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  5. Thanks to all who replied. I have done a lot of small LS like fox, coyote etc but no big game and since this was my wife's animal I want to get it right. I can add width and length ok however changing leg positions is not something I am confident with. She really likes the walking downhill form the LMS11 Mckenzie. but it is a bit small. The red Armenian is closer as is the Corsican but she didn't like either form. I guess I am going to learn. Wish me luck.