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Hello Out There!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by MixedupMel, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone! I am Mel. Brand new to vulture culture and ive been taggin along on this site for awhile reading and reading-- it is Time to Join. Last night i compleated my first round of fleshing and setting out to dry. I didnt see an introduction area so i am going to introduce myself here.

    I am a state certified NPIP poultry breeder so i will focus at first on bird taxidermy. I have a shelf dedicated in my outdoor freezer at this time though and it will not be All birds ;) have to protect the birds so i have a copper head in there and my uncle gave me 6 bunny skins from his old breeding colony before he quit with em this past spring. Theyve been in there that long but have Not been thawed because i understand repeating freeze thaw cycles will make the fur slip. I also compleated an online trapping course so no telln what animals properly tagged will come of that after the workshop i am set to attend on Dec the 7th. I have big plans but as a novice taxidermy hobbiest, a farmer and a stay at home mom with a Big busy family it is sloooow going. I have a friend and a father in law who are very experienced and have tried to help guide me but with so many ways to do things two people can only bring me so far. As a part of another online forum (backyardchickens.com) i can very much appreciate all the diff views offered by people all over the world.

    I live in Louisiana and it is a warm wet climate. I waited til now because the temps are Just now becoming stable cool. It was 75*F on monday and is 32*F now on Wend morning lol stable :rolleyes:

    Anyway my big plans...
    Im not very good at drawing but think this can convey what i want to do. I want to mount my wings once dried into this circle inside a 32 in sq frame.

    Here they are in the proccess of drying after hours of fleshing. These are coturnix quail wings. I hatched them from eggs in my incubator and raised them from hatchlings and them ate them. Yum.


    I used borax on all the flesh liberally applying it and then rubbing and tapping it into every crevice tapping out the extra and rubbing it in a little more.

    Id like to ask who thinks im on the right track? Any encouragement? Anyone interested in poultry projects? Any tips? If you just want to say hi and follow thats really cool too!
  2. Welcome!Looks like you are off to a good start!
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  3. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    Hi Mel and Welcome Aboard!
    I don't know if you plan on mounting complete birds or not and being old school, I don't think anything other than "taxiing" the "dermis"on a form or manikin IS taxidermy. If you do plan to mount birds the most important thing you can do is study the anatomy of the carcass. See where it is the wings attach to the back and the legs attach to the side. Placement of these on the artificial body is key in feather placement. If they are not in the correct place your feather groups will never align and the colors of the feathers that form patterns won't either. Second most important thing - Gather all the reference pictures and photos of the bird you are mounting and study these as well. Have them in front of you as you are mounting your bird. I hope this helps! Good luck. Joe
  4. Hi Mr Joe! Thank you for taking the time to give me these tips!

    I understand how you could feel that this isnt truely taxidermy based on the fact i am Not mounting whole birds. However i feel that i am making a start because i Did go to the effort of fleshing the wings, stretching the flesh and preserving with the mineral borax.

    Yes sir as a poultry breeder i Do have a solid grasp of the anatomy, and i guess i have solid references because i do have around 50 more live quail lol! is there anyway maybe i could help other quail true taxidermist by providing good pics of my live birds for them?
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  5. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    On this site, go to Forums - Bird Taxidermy - Bird Reference Photos. They are arranged by species. Also, if you're into Facebook, there is a FB page called "Taxidermy Reference Pictures and Illustrations" that would be glad to post your photos. ;)
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  6. Yes sir thanks again! I was just about to edit to say also my plan is simply using the wings only, mounted to the extra deep picture frame. i think theyll be beautiful with about 50 of them in a circle. I can use blown out eggs in the empty spaces.

    I made this frame from blown eggs only. It is not glued perfectly in position yet, you can still even see my work holes and thatll be compleatly covered when i make time to work out the puzzle. Ill add some feathers to decorate it also.


    Btw when im complaining about time for playing with this or that... i have twin almost 3 yr old boys and an almost 2 yr old girl :eek:

    ETA i have compleated the 9 wings shown (just waiting on drying) but i have around 30 more to be done.
  7. My wings dried properly and look alright :) i put holes in the super thin skin of two, same area that ill have to be watchful of from now on but 7 dont have them.