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All Capes Must Go (elk, Caribou, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Badger, Wolverine, Kudu, And Reed Buck)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Huron River Replicas, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Huron River Replicas

    Huron River Replicas New Member

    ONE WEEK SALE! Ends March 15th. All prices reduced. Everything will have an additional $30 for shipping. If you are interested in anything please PM or call me at (734)775-7460 with any questions.
    Serious inquiries for pictures only please.
    More capes to come as I inventory my entire selection.
    Thank you, Don.

    Dall Sheep - 7x44x54 Life Size, wet tanned, no blood stains, absolutely gorgeous. $1800 $1500
    - Reproduction horns available for additional $400
    Grizzly Bear
    - 6.5x38x73 Dry Tanned LS skin, Male well haired tanned by Wildlife Gallery. 1 claw missing from right front paw. Will include replica claw with purchase. $2500 $2000
    [/B]- wet tanned, LS skin tanned by Wildlife Gallery from large mature bull. Replica horns included measuring 49.5 in. $1600 $1200
    Elk - 13x33 wet tanned by Wildlife Gallery. $375
    Elk - 12x32 wet tanned by Wildlife Gallery. $375
    Elk - Very nice small to medium sized cape, dry tanned by H & H tannery. $175
    - 11 x 20, Beautiful Dark Brown Cape, wet tanned. $250
    Caribou - 11 x 21, #1 quality cape, light color, small nick on right nostril, easy repair. $250
    Caribou - 11.25 x 23, light in color, wet tanned, lip line tucking skin gone around corner of mouth, extra long cape, nose area needs small repairs. $250
    Caribou - Relatively small cape, beautiful fur, dry tanned, T-cut, ear tips need repair. $100
    Black Bear
    - Chocolate Phase 4.5x37x58 wet tanned, life size skin with all feet and claws. $600 $500
    Black Bear[/B] - Medium sized, dry tanned LS skin, cut down the belly perfect for rug mount. $350
    Black Bear - Medium sized, dry tanned LS skin, very prominent white V on chest. Dorsel cut. $375
    Black Bear - 60x36, dry tanned LS skin, cut down the belly, perfect for rug mount. Tanned by wildlife gallery. $350
    - LS skin dry tanned by wildlife gallery. $350
    - #1 quality, wet tanned, LS skin, belly cut, legs tubed. $250
    - Cape dry tanned by wildlife gallery. $325
    - Cape dry tanned by wildlife gallery, hole in chin easy repair. $350
    - Eye to nose 2.75, nose to skull 7, circumference 19, length 42.5, front right paw 2 broken claws, excellent skin, wet tanned, trapper skinned. $385
    Reed Buck
    - 5x14x31x50, #1 Quality LS wet tanned by H & H Tannery. $150
    Mountain Reed Buck
    - Cape, dry tanned by wildlife gallery. $250
    - Medium dry tanned LS skin. Great coat. Horns included 12x13 $375
    - Large dry tanned LS skin. Great coat, tanned by wildlife gallery. Replica horns included 16x16. $500
    Red Hartebeest
    - Cape, dry tanned by wildlife gallery. $350
    White Tail
    - 7x18 wet tanned, split brisket easily repairable, y cut, Beautiful cape tanned by wildlife gallery. $100
    White Tail
    - 7x18 wet tanned, short hair, y cut, grey in color, brown face, small hole in lower left shoulder, tanned by wildlife gallery. $100
    Tail - 7x17.5, wet tanned, short y incision, dark brown, 2 butcher cuts on neck repaired and undetectable, great cape, tanned by wildlife gallery. $80
    White Tail -
    7x20x21, wet tanned, no sew, long cape, dark brown, great cape. $150
    White Tail
    - 7x19, wet tanned, grey face, ear cartilage removed, prepped for mounting, no eye skin for tucking. $60
    White Tail
    - 7.5x22x24, wet tanned, ear cartilage removed, red top, large burr openings, no white patch on neck. $160
    White Tail
    - 7.25x18, wet tanned, cut all the way ear cartilage removed, little eye skin for tucking, blonde/brown top, prepped, good stretch, great cape, cut on lower lip line right at hair line, easily repairable. $85
    White Tail
    - 7.25x20, wet tanned, med/short hair, cut all the way, blonde top, ear cartilage removed, small cut under left eye, easily repairable, prepped, dark brown. $140
    White Tail
    - 7.5x19.5, cut all the way, grey face, light brown/blonde top, light brown cape very little eye skin for tucking, prepped, ear cartilage removed, hole in right arm pit easily repairable. $110
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2020
  2. Is the 11.25 x23 caribou cape still available?

  3. What size
    what size is the small elk cape ?
  4. bowhunter132

    bowhunter132 Member

    Do u still have the 13x33 elk cape.
  5. mskutt

    mskutt Member

    Has the wolverine still available
  6. R. W.

    R. W. New Member


    do you still have the 12 x 32 elk?