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Does Anyone Have A Large Scale Dermestid Beetle Setup?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by imauspilot, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. imauspilot

    imauspilot New Member

    I am tired of driving 105 miles one way to have all my skulls beetled for me. Then I have to bring them home, and clean them up for my customers. I usually have anywhere between 100-250 skulls a year.

    So I have decided to start doing the beetle work myself. I am in need of someone who has a large scale dermestid beetle setup up and running to help me design and build enclosures big enough for moose and caribou skulls with the antlers still attached. I need to design the heating system, ventilation system, and enclosure.
    Thanks in advance.

    Alaska Frontier Taxidermy.
  2. Josh Cohen

    Josh Cohen New Member

    I see your shop is in Delta Junction, AK. I was living in Fairbanks the past 10 years. Take an old water transport tank, cut the top open as a lid, and insulate the outside with spray foam or insulation. It will work great for large skulls.

  3. Boobookitty

    Boobookitty New Member

    I was only setting up a small colony in order to do a small project, but I'm going to be using the same thermostat and gauge setup sold for reptiles in order to keep an eye on the temperature itself. Even if this isn't the setup for you, maybe it'll help with ideas.
    I saw this and gave me ideas...
    It might be worth looking into:

    Not sure what kind of material you were thinking to use for the outside, but there are some pretty serious plastic/mockglass out there that can be used in order to make your own aquarium/box would make it easy to design for ventilation

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