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Looking Into Diving Into Taxidermy

Discussion in 'Training' started by Freedom-Fighter00, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. I was medically retired front the Army after injury from combat. While stationed at BAMC in San Antonio TX going through rehab we either had to attend school or a work program. Well long story short I worked with a fellow out of Borne TX and really enjoyed it. Now that I’m stable and looking to occupy my time I have enlisted in the Central Texas school of Taxidirmy. In Snyder TX. Any thoughts on the school? I live in Dayton TX and found getting a apprenticeship with a shop is dam near impossible. I dunno if they fill that I will try and start a local business and compete against them or what but I just really want to occupy my spare time. Any thoughts or advice to the above questions. Sorry for the long drawn out blabber.
  2. I live in San Antonio , went to North West Iowa School of Taxidermy 20 years ago. Owned and operated my shop in NW, PA for 15 years, I'm rated @ 100 % and didn't get my rating until 3 years ago, I did the Taxidermy thing with my own money, no GI bill or Voc Rehab. If you need anything let me know, it can get overwhelming at times.
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  3. Jake7719,Thanks for your service and all the other veterans here on this forum. Before and after me!
    Yea, luckily I will be able to use the GI Bill.
    I was working with a guy.(Smileys)Taxidirmy and truly enjoyed it. I’ve been dabbling in my own and just want to go to the school to get more refined in the process. I’m also looking to make it a Outdoor store. When I start my own practice. Lol! Taxidermy and outdoor store. Is school really enough to start ur own ? I’ve tried contacting a few locals but none of them will let me come and apprentices. Even though I’d do it all for free and even pay them. Wouldn’t charge them a hourly rate. Just let me bring my own in if I needed to. Where bouts are u in SA? I was at BAMC. I’m going to start out of my home. Is this a bad idea? Thanks Sir, for your reply
  4. Finally! Well,I graduated from CTST. Looking to apprenticeship around Dayton TX. 100 miles either way. Thank You,
  6. just moved down town on the river walk, sorry for a late reply. Part time from your home is the way to start. Pick what you do best and concentrate on mastering that. A lot of talented taxidermist that cant run a business fail because of no idea on managing, customer relations, advertising, and how to manage the money. Alamo city collage, St. Philips has an OUTSTANDING small business program and a great network of VA help. You will find in this business that some have huge egos, and even go out of there way to mess with you (greed) and they look at you as threat to there way of life. Have been beating around the idea of teaching taxidermy but have to get threw this COVID-19 thing, even found a place its a Makers Place, a group that has a large building and all kinds of tools from blacksmithing, glass blowing, wood working and meatal shop and even 3D printers and CNC.