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Whitetail Rack On Skull Plate With One Of His Sheds Also

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Shed hunter, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Shed hunter

    Shed hunter New Member

    Dark chocolate, gnarly rack AND comes with a shed of the buck from the previous year.

    Basically, this is a Whitetail skull / rack with skull plate, nice dark brown, on a main-frame 4 x 4...except it has a little crab claw on the end of one beam and a nice sticker near the base of his other beam. Rack has a neat, mean curl to it and has some great mass along his main beams. Also, the shed pictured is from this same buck the year before he died. I will sell them all together.

    Died naturally, found naturally by me. NE Montana buck. I found the shed also.

    The skull plate has two holes drilled through it to screw it to a plaque or can be filled or whatever you wish. I will take the skull plate off of the wood chip it's screwed to (it looks like crap), then I'll screw it to a small board so that the skull plate will be supported during shipping. This seems to be one of the best ways I've found to be sure the skull plate doesn't split in half while shipping.

    Then you can unscrew the skull plate from the wood and mount it how you want. If you use the holes, I would usually fill in the holes over the screw heads with bondo, putty, whatever, then light sand and paint and it looks good. Or cover- you all know.

    $150 shipped to your door. Will be insured for purchase price and tracking number provided, UPS.

    Money Order, Money gram, or Paypal. Paypal add 3%. You can PM me.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Shed hunter

    Shed hunter New Member

    $150 delivered?