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Tricks Of The Trade (gameheads)

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Hurricane Harvey, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. This is a thread to post any kind of tips or tricks of any part of mounting deer and gameheads to help make all taxidermists' lives a little easier. Also post cool tools that you use a lot. Thanks to everyone who posts!
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  2. krollh

    krollh Active Member

    I use a 1/4" wood chisel for around the antler burrs when caping out deer. Once you get used to it it's a time saver and does a good job.

  3. BO-N-ARO

    BO-N-ARO Hunt hard but hunt safe!

    When using bondo for the ears, I mike the bondo, add some fiberglass chop and place the mix on a sheet of wax paper, close to the corner I have cut off at a 45 degree angle. Than I wrap it as a pastry cone. I fold the ear down a bit, slide the point of the cone in the ear and squeeze in the bondo.
    No mess !!!
  4. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    WINDEX, for everything, bondo won’t stick to it so spray ear hair with it to clean up , rolls blood off of antlers in seconds, spray on seam after sewing to get glue out and groom . Use it to clean eyes with paper towel and tooth pick .

    I use a big flathead screw driver and a small hammer to detach hide from around burrs . Make cut over to burr take SD and tap it with hammer walking it completely around burrs, it pries it away not cutting it , very fast and efficient.
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  5. Clovis Point

    Clovis Point Active Member

    I use cattle ear tags to mark all my capes... I punch them through at the very bottom and always put them dead center of the back. I have found that it helps guide me and keep my work centered when pulling and taxing hide as well as fleshing by providing a point of reference.

    I take the direction of turn the customer choose into account when making my Y cut and will make my incision ever so slightly to that side so it will be less visible to the viewer. A Some one standing on the right side of aLT mount can’t see my seam because it’s below the horizon on the left side.
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