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Raccoon Wall Hanging

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by L Conrad, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. L Conrad

    L Conrad New Member

    First of all: I am not a taxidermist, just a hobbyist. Many years ago I used a kit to mount a squirrel with satisfactory results.
    I am working on my first raccoon. I plan to make him into a wall hanging, with flattened head, and body & tail turned into a rug. I have skinned him out, did a preliminary fleshing to remove some of the extra fat, then bagged & froze him. I am waiting to get all my materials & tools together before I thaw him.
    My question is this: Do I do a degreasing soak (with Dawn) before I flesh? After the fleshing is done I plan to use Borax to dry preserve him.
    Footnote: I was not planning on taking the raccoon when I did, but he was doing some property damage and he had to go. I currently have a deer shoulder mount being done by a professional taxidermist, and cannot afford to get another critter done at this time. The raccoon in question has a lush almost black pelt and I hated to waste it.
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Ok the total issue here is grease being left in even after what your going to try.
    Next borax can be bought at any grocery store in the laundry department.
    Now after you thaw it out , you been to flesh it well. The real problem is soaking in dawn won’t properly degrease the coon. plus without it being pickled chances that you can get slippage greatly enhances.
    I would look at the fox pelt thread I have posted citric acid pickle in there. You can buy small amounts at the store (canning) and make up a pickle for the coon.
    Leave it in there for about a month after you flesh it well and give it a quick rinse to get blood out. afterwards mix up warm water 90* with the dawn and let it soak in there for about hour, drain and back in the pickle overnight.
    After that it needs to be neutralized ( one gallon of water, 4 oz salt, one tablespoon of baking soda. Soak it in there for 20-30 minutes drain and then use the borax.
    Personally I wouldn’t use it as I tan all my stuff and the borax only preserves the hide. It’ll become hard and never get soft.
    Remember these words the cheap way will end up expensive or ruined .
    Best of luck and hopefully this will aid you.
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  3. L Conrad

    L Conrad New Member

    Thanks for the input