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Wet Tanned Bear Hide Versus Dry Tanned Hide For Rug

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by tru-2-life, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. tru-2-life

    tru-2-life New Member

    I have been doing deer & bear for 20+ years. I have done mostly my own tanning except for maybe half a dozen animals. The reason I have been doing my own was not happy with some of the quality that I received from the tannery. I like good stretch with the wet tanned hides that I do. I have done bear mounts, but only 2 bear rugs in this time. I am going to take on more in the future. I am purchasing a sewing machine to make the process go faster & better quality. I have read older posts posts saying that dry tanned hides are better. Doesn't that make the mounting part of the rug less appealing? The dry tanning I had done ruined ears & noses, plus the costs & time it took to get back was ridiculous. (Maybe wrong tannery) I am using mainly Liqua-Tan by Knobloch. Will the quality of my rugs not be as good or the longevity not be there. Looking for some input. Thanks