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White Male Opossum (frozen Whole)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sdc8280, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. sdc8280

    sdc8280 New Member

    D978F012-6291-4422-997E-71EE3DE2FB01.jpeg 60114BDA-35A1-41E3-8331-C165C23737E3.jpeg Have a leucistic white (not albino) male opossum for sale. Caught in a dog-proof trap and dispatched with a choker so there are no holes in the pelt. Asking $100 plus cost of shipping (caught in and ships from south-central Kansas). Measures 17 1/2” from nose to base of tail.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Malachi

    Malachi New Member

    Is the white possum available? I'm interested in a fully intact whole White possum for a freeze dried statue project please let me know if it's available 503-381-2063 my name is Malachi

  3. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    thread is 3 years old. see rules at top of forum and see how to contact seller by pm.
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