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Bobcat - Prime Unique South Texas Fs

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mark June, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Mark June

    Mark June New Member

    Each year I sell my unique bobcats with ringlet colorings here on TNet. They are only found in these color phases in select areas here in south Texas, land of the ocelot, and I only catch 3-6 a year out of 100+ bobcats.
    As such;
    For Sale: Photo shows 21 pound male (they do not compete with 25-30 lb northern cats for size) but this is a hog cat for this south Texas region. Great color. Great white rosettes on the belly. He would stretch about 44" I suppose if I pelted him out. Just a great cat overall. And fat!
    No holes. I'm a professional trapper and have been for 40 years so I know the trapping and taxidermy trade well and know what you prefer.

    I ship the cat in a cooler FROZEN WHOLE to your location.
    Price: $400 + $50 shipping and cooler cost = $450 to your door.

    If interested, please contact me.

    Mark June
    Biologist/ Pro Trapper

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