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Free Shot Spoony

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Bob Jungman (559) 269-3336, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Free shot shoveler duck.
    We’ve had a good shoot. I got a couple of Spoonys & a couple of buddies came by & gifted a couple too.
    So.... free shot Spoony to gift. you’re allowed one (or pair— hen & drake).
    give me a call or text.
    Bird is free, postage is $26.95 to ship overnight from California to anywhere in America.
    Bob Jungman
    7800 E. Carmen
    Feesno Ca 93737
    (559) 269-3336

    “My job is to make yours more fun ”

    5EC48B9A-BA43-4F67-BDC3-51B206CC8121.jpeg 5EC48B9A-BA43-4F67-BDC3-51B206CC8121.jpeg 9A60430E-0282-4F87-95DE-B032E5F87FC2.jpeg E22273B6-D837-496B-B9E4-EE4BE8B10D8E.jpeg 5EC48B9A-BA43-4F67-BDC3-51B206CC8121.jpeg 9A60430E-0282-4F87-95DE-B032E5F87FC2.jpeg E22273B6-D837-496B-B9E4-EE4BE8B10D8E.jpeg 5EC48B9A-BA43-4F67-BDC3-51B206CC8121.jpeg 5EC48B9A-BA43-4F67-BDC3-51B206CC8121.jpeg 9A60430E-0282-4F87-95DE-B032E5F87FC2.jpeg E22273B6-D837-496B-B9E4-EE4BE8B10D8E.jpeg
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  2. Webmaster please delete duplicate pictures & duplate post.
    Thanks Bob
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  3. Trapsidermy

    Trapsidermy New Member

    You are the man Bob!!!
  4. NeverRushing

    NeverRushing New Member

    Nice birds! Great offer as well. Looking to get into taxidermy.
  5. Know it’s a long shot but do you by chance have a black duck or a pintail to gift
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  7. hodous66

    hodous66 Member

    Do you have any nice male cinnamon teal.