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C-grade Camel Skull. (interest Check)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Macabre Manager, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Hi, guys. I live near the Louisiana border in Mississippi, and as such, usually get a lot of bad weather. I've had this camel skull (dromedary) in storage for about eight years now, ever since the first great storm I faced when I was 19.

    His name is McGee and he has some damage to him; two missing teeth, one is an incisor, and the other is at the back-end of the mandible near the jaw with some minor portion of upper jaw near the gum-line taken out. He has some slivered cracks at the forehead level, and there's a good deal of paint spattering him. Some spots seem to be watercolor while others are very blatantly acrylic.

    The other slivers you see, I encourage you to maximize the photo, as those are newspaper clippings that have been stuck to the skull via rain-water, which have adhered with time. There are some blackened spots that aren't paint, but I've been assured that it isn't mold, however I cannot identify it. I do know that it's very likely to come out with the proper bleaching.

    Because of this amount of damage from storage, and the mess (which one might be able to remove-- I haven't even tried, admittedly) covering and speckling him, I'm apprehensive in putting a price on McGee.

    What do you think?

    Please be kind, and I have no issue with making deals as he is now. If you'd rather wait until I've tried my hand at cleaning him, ask for a ping-list notif, yeah? I can do that.

    If you need to contact me, you may reach me at the following:
    [email protected] (email)
    6015902830 (text only)

    You can call me Andi if you need to put a name to the face. Thank you for any replies. And once again for clarification: I am intending to sell him, which is why he's in this section of the forums. It's just a matter of time, interest and effort.

    If someone does buy him, I'll use a professional business invoice on Paypal with the contract details written in the terms and conditions section, so you can see what you're buying and know you're protected. If you make an offer, please include your own terms, stipulations and conditions so that I might include them in the invoice.

    If bought, a track number would be provided within two to three days or your money back guaranteed.

    IMG_20200112_135522.jpg IMG_20200112_135510.jpg IMG_20200112_135503.jpg IMG_20200112_135239-1.jpg IMG_20200112_135346.jpg IMG_20200112_135436.jpg IMG_20200112_135147.jpg IMG_20200112_135326.jpg