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Coyote Ears

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by autzskey, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. autzskey

    autzskey New Member

    I’m new to taxidermy, but I’ve done quite a few small projects such as rats and squirrels. I want to do a shoulder mount on a coyote. Is it essential to turn out the ears or can I leave the cartilage in and pin them in place and let dry?
  2. Micah Howards

    Micah Howards Active Member

    Yes you will have to turn the ears other wise they will shrivel up over time and wont look good at all. when you mount it you will have to put something in the ears such as earliners or alot of taxidermist use a bondo or epoxy and shape them how they want.
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  3. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    You must turn the ears and fill with Bondo or earlier. Personally, I use Bondo and clay for the base of ears. I suggest you watch a YouTube video on turning ears (deer or other mammal - the principle is the same) and then a video on Bondo ears and/or ear liners (there are lots of them). Become familiar with the process you want to use before you start.
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  4. Like the others said, you must turn the ears all the way. There's too much flesh in their to leave. It will rot. The cartilage will shrivel. Spend a little more time here and you will be rewarded with a beautiful mount. I recommend watching "Brian Hendricks Taxidermy" YouTube series on turning bobcat ears as part of his "Freezer to Finish" playlist on YouTube. Best case scenario you could practice on a raccoon or other species more easily obtained before trying it on your coyote.