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Koodoos To Michigan Taxidermist Association - A Real Mccoy Association

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Joe Kish, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Joe Kish

    Joe Kish Well-Known Member

    One doesn't see enough mention of praiseworthy programs of taxidermy associations and clubs on this taxi.net. I think part of the reason for this omission is the fact that associations and clubs don't engage in any outreach efforts at all much less worth mentioning. (Hint, hint.)

    More than a decade ago I participated in the Michigan association's convention in Grand Rapids. I witnessed this very Dream Maker's program in action. Now there's a fine example of a taxidermy association that has made itself a genuine part of the fabric of their state and local communities' economic and cultural life. It's wonderful to see that those folks up in the White Tailed Deer State have continued this praise worthy program. Hail Michigan's MTA!


    The MTA has a special program that provides mounting services of fish, birds, mammals or gameheads for Veterans as well as children 18 years and younger with special needs or illness. Mounting is done at no cost to the Veteran or child. This AMAZING program is made possible because of generous donations from our members, non members, suppliers and tanneries. Mounting takes place on a special stage during the MTA competition in March. If you would like to donate or time or know someone that would qualify to have their animal mounted please contact us!

    We appreciate donations to cover supplies and other expenses.

    The Michigan Taxidermist Association is a 501(3)(C) Organization
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  2. Joe Kish

    Joe Kish Well-Known Member

    One thing at a time.....

    Another feather in their cap, the Michigan club also has, (are you ready for this?).... an Educational Exhibit category in its competition! The description in their awards list reads:

    Educational Award
    It needs to provide the viewer, some type of education of some phase of taxidermy, nature, natural phenomena, conservation, etc. All show Judges will judge the pieces entered. To qualify the piece MUST score at least 2 (80) at the Masters level. The piece shall be judged using the following standards.... 50% of the score shall be based upon the education and the statement the overall piece provides. 25% of the score shall be based on the taxidermy skills used, and 25% of the score on the use of habitat entered. To qualify, the piece must score at least an 80 at the Masters level. The winning mount will receive a check for the sum of $500 and a trophy. The winning mount MUST be donated and put on public display. (end.)

    In my old files I found these two photos from the MTA show of 1987. The winners that year were Brad Bruce and the late Jan Van Hoesen. Notice that both competitors chose to show their work in glassed in cases. That was one of the rules. The top photo is Brad's strangled mallard, likely from a slob fisherman's discarded lines. The bottom photo is of Jan's "Survival Techniques in Animals." - Possum plays dead, weasels turn white in winter, etc.


    I realize that this kind of category with a few hundred dollars in prize money won't interest big commercial guys who can mount and enter a customer's game head, get paid $700 or so for mounting it, then pick up a couple more thousand bucks from supplier awards on the same piece and smile all the way to the bank. And while that world champion piece of masterful skin laying is forever sandwiched out of public view in a maze of other game heads on a client's private trophy room wall, 'educating' no one, pieces like Brad's and Jan's will be on public display for years continuing to educate, entertain and inspire and encourage an interest in nature, conservation and even taxidermy. Now there's braggin' right in that!
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