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Help!!! Making Bird Eyes

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Boosh Nogg, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Boosh Nogg

    Boosh Nogg New Member

    Hi, I've been trying to make bird eyes with glass cabochons for ages since the usual eyes aren't available in my country, take long as to get here from other countrys and also just want to learn how to make them for custom bird eyes. The thing I'm having trouble with whilst painting bird eyes is getting the pupil center. I just can't get the pupil center.

    This is my process so far

    I paint the back of the glass cabochon with matte clear nail polish so the paint grips it better. I then select the right size hole for the pupil I'm making from my circle template/stencil. I then tape the cabochon to the stencil, flatside of the cabochon to the stencil hole. But this is where it gets hard for me. I can't seem to get the stencil hole perfectly in the center of the eye so when I look at the end result my pupil is off center and it looks bad and unrealistic. To paint the pupil in I do it with a black pen at first through the stencil becuase I find paint bleeds under the stencil so the eye is a mess when thay happens. So once I have the pupil drawn with the black pen I fill it in as much as I can with black paint. After that's dry I paint the iris color over the back of the cabochon. I usually do a few coats.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the pupil centerd and or how I can improve my process. Thanks heaps for any advice, it will be very much appreciated .
  2. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

    Hmmmmm I make my bird eyes on laith machine using acrylic rod. First I still pupil hole then I change its side caught in the machine. Use a file to give it a round shape. Some fine grit sand paper, polissh front side, paint and it is done. A very tedious and time consuming work

  3. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

    Sorry some spelling mistakes bcoz of auto spelling. I still a hole for pupil. On laith machine it vl always b center
  4. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    drill a shallow hole in center then fill with black.... or red pink for albino
  5. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

  6. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

    Painting from back side and buffing from front side and it's done
  7. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

  8. Hasnain

    Hasnain Member

  9. Wildthings

    Wildthings Well-Known Member