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Modern Online School Or Training

Discussion in 'Training' started by WinterHouse, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. WinterHouse

    WinterHouse New Member

    Hi - I'm having a hard time finding any online taxidermy school or at-home training. Everything I've found seems very dated and no longer functioning.

    Looking through the forums here I found Ellzey's, which looks excellent, but only covers squirrels.

    Any help in this are would be appreciated - specifically interested in small mammals and birds.
  2. PensivePronghorn

    PensivePronghorn Member

    Check out YouTube for Brian Hendricks taxidermy videos. He'll have all your small mammal needs. Not sure on birds, but for turkeys and ducks and larger game (deer, elk, pronghorn), I found these on eBay and they have been amazing! Everything from caping, fleshing, pickling, tanning, to mounting and antler or horn placement. Good luck!

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  3. WinterHouse

    WinterHouse New Member

    Thank you so much, this is extremely helpful!
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  4. Jhookeye

    Jhookeye New Member

    Try looking at Timberline Taxidermy. Might be what you’re looking for. Good luck!