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Newbie, Here To Sell Or Learn How To Sell Our 4 Personal Mounts

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by DownsizingDuo, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. DownsizingDuo

    DownsizingDuo New Member

    20200309_081144.jpg We are not taxidermists. Just a retired couple (me and my boyfriend) in midst of downsizing everything to move into our motorhome to travel the US while we still can. We have 4 mounts of various games shot by my boyfriend in various parts of the world: Large Caribu, two Pheasants on driftwood, Deer on wood shoulder mount, and a Wild Boar. I know nothing about game, so I may be wrong in identifying any or all of these. Photo attached to show all 4 mounts. If you have questions I can't answer, I'll ask the Boyfriend. Please email or text me at [email protected] or (360) 250-1883. We'd welcome offers to buy, advice on best way to sell and price suggestions. Also, we'd like to know if there are state laws that might prevent us from selling any of these here in Delaware. . .or do such laws relate only to where the animal was shot? Like I said, I know nothing about taxidermy and am having difficulty finding answers elsewhere....so I hope you all can help. Please reply via email or text, so I won't miss your message. I'm not sure if I can easily find this post again to see your replies.

    Thanks, Phyllis
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