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Taxidermy Instructional Dvd’s

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Manny81, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Manny81

    Manny81 Member

    Selling in bulk (17 original DVD’s) for 400$ plus shipping. I just don’t have the time to send each one individually so the price is for the whole lot

    Taxidermy Training Unlimited:

    1. Painting a Large Mouth Bass (Dale Carson)

    2. Mounting and Finishing a Black Bear (Randy Life)

    3. Mounting & Finishing a Canada Goose (Andy Campbell)

    4. Mounting and Finishing a Strutting Turkey (Harry Whitehead)

    5. Form Alteration (Ray Hafield)

    6. Mounting and Finishing a Rattlesnake

    7. Mounting and Finishing a Wild Boar (Randy Life)

    8. Mounting and Finishing a Wood Duck (Page Nethercutt)

    WASCO DVD’s:

    9. Whitetail Deer A to Z (Rick Carter)

    10. Splash and Ripple Construction with Frank Newmyer

    11. Bear Habitat with salmon and water ledge with Rick Kennair


    12. Finishing a coyote mini pedestal with Tim Brown

    13. Mounting and Finishing Lifesize coyote with Brian Harness

    Bill Atkins Master Series:

    1. Bobcat
    2. Taxidermy lessons
    3. Flying Mallard
    4. Caping Fleshing Tanning
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