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Boar Skull Degreasing Mark

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by skullman123, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. skullman123

    skullman123 New Member

    Recently I was degreasing a boar skull that I bought at a nature and science center. I forgot about it and when I came back,there was a large brown mark on the water line of the skull(it was not fully submerged)however,below the mark,the skull was flawlessly degreased. Any thoughts on how to remove it?
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    What you can try to do is submerge it in hot water with some ammonia added and let it sit. Might take a while but the stuff that dried into the bone should come out. Can try scrubbing with a brush and detergent too to see if it is just on the surface.