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How To Start Taxidermy?

Discussion in 'Training' started by barkbomes9, May 6, 2020.

  1. barkbomes9

    barkbomes9 New Member

    I’m a newcomer to taxidermy, and I’ve always been into it.

    I’d love to get some tips on how to start, and how to find animal pelts, skills, bones, etc etc! https://1921681001.id/

    I am an animal lover and I want my anim als to not be a result of hunting, so I’d also like to know if there’s a way to find animal skulls and pelts that aren’t from malicious intents.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope you take the time to respond! Have a good day
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  2. drob

    drob Active Member

    You are in the right place,just keep reading the informative posts on this site.FYI-most taxidermists are or were hunters or trappers!I wouldn't use the term "malicious intent" when talking about hunting.JMO.
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  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Hmm, I've always shied away from people who don't want hunted animals but want them dead by some other cause. I suppose your best bet is to look for roadkills. You act as if we hunters aren't animal lovers as well. That's insulting. I just happen to be a realist and understand that man is an omnivore and that means eating meat that either I kill myself or someone else does. And back on subject, you're going to have a rude awakening with roadkills. It may ruin your perspective. Nothing like a day old, roadkilled otter that ran a race with a tractor and lost.
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  4. Rausch

    Rausch Well-Known Member

    I’ve hunted and trapped all my life and I haven’t killed a single animal with “malicious intent”!
  5. Westcoast

    Westcoast Member

    Malicious intent? I think that you are confusing poaching with the legal act of hunting. Your comment tells me that you are confused about the natural process of the life of an animal. An animal harvested by a hunter is the fastest most ethical means for that animal to die. And let’s face it, everything is going to die, including us. Mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, bears don’t have feelings and will usually start eating said animal before it is even dead. Nature is brutal and sometimes cruel. Taxidermy is about representation of the true beauty of all of gods creatures. But you have to understand the big picture of how nature works. Hunters and hunting are just part of that equation. It drives me crazy when people say that they love animals yet know nothing about them.
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