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Wood Ducks Eyes

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by allison1952, May 18, 2020.

  1. allison1952

    allison1952 Member

    have tried and like the wayne cooper Flex eye sets, but do not like the eyes, rings are fine,any advice on substituting the eyes with a little better quality that will fit?? appreciate all
  2. Eliana Rose

    Eliana Rose New Member

    Eyeconic taxidermy has great eyes, or Matuska Supply's "live eyes" are really nice. Research Mannikins has really nice wood duck eye rings, 10-12mm I believe. Or sculpt your own using red or white apoxie sculpt which you can further paint once dry. You can set your eyes and sculpt eye rings before mounting, or, you can sculpt the rings right on top of the eyes of a finished bird.

  3. whitetails and fish only

    whitetails and fish only Well-Known Member

    I buy the Wayne Cooper Wood Duck eye sets and then substitute glass eyes of choice for the flex eyes. I do this because I like the eye rings but don't care much for the flex eyes. I have used the Van Dykes red glass eyes that are very reasonably priced.
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  4. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    like he said... a 9mm asph fits or you can dremel out the back for a 10mm
  5. whitetails and fish only

    whitetails and fish only Well-Known Member

    Just want to add a little note here. VanDyke's sells a Wood Duck head that has a large eye socket that will accept the Wayne Cooper eye ring capsule. Very convenient.
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  6. earlytimes

    earlytimes New Member

    Headquarters in Raleigh NC has heads with the eyering already sculpted on the head. All you have to do is paint it while youre painting the bill, pop your eye in it and stretch the skin around the ring when mounting and game over!
  7. earlytimes

    earlytimes New Member

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  8. earlytimes

    earlytimes New Member

    They say it will only accept the flex eye but i use acrylic eyes in them.