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The Usa’s Bird Laws: A Curious Question

Discussion in 'Training' started by slaviagomes, May 23, 2020 at 7:47 AM.

  1. slaviagomes

    slaviagomes New Member

    I was thinking about this late at night while scrolling through various pages of taxidermy for sale, just looking. My question refers to laws in the US surrounding the ownership of owls, eagles, and hawks. Namely, that you can’t own them. If I remember correctly, if a licensed institute wants it a taxidermist can apply for a federal permit to mount it for them but, still no private ownership. Also, there might be some exceptionally old pieces that are “grandfathered” in, but don’t quote me on that.

    However, my question is about foreign birds. You see, when I was poking around online, I stumbled across a foreign seller who was selling some mounted owls and raptors, newly mounted- not antique. Some of the species listed are not native to the US and only have a range in Europe and parts of Asia. The seller also claimed to have CITES paperwork for them and could ship. Now, I will clarify that I have no intention of buying one of these mounts as I don’t wish to so much as even tempt the law, I’m skeptical about how these birds were first acquired, and I couldn’t afford one even if I did want it. This is just a question from curiosity.

    Would the US laws on possessing birds of prey extend to non-native species?

    Update: My issue has been solved, thank you.
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