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Air Brush Recommendations

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by FXIMPACT30, May 30, 2020.


    FXIMPACT30 New Member

    what is a decent air brush & compressor setup for a beginner? i probably cant afford the best. and i dont wanna take the chance of buying a P.O.S. for to much. can i buy anything decent for $150-$200? thanx in advance. i'm mostly going to paint walleye and striper's.
  2. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    I used them all
    And the best for the money is the badgers
    Chrome and renegade

  3. jimss

    jimss Active Member

    I just bought a Badger Sotar with 3 tips for around $140. That's a heck of a great airbrush for the price. I bought my compressor at Harbor Freight for around $50. It's loud but works great.
  4. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    Paul Burowski turned me on to these years ago
    Sorry Paul if I got the name wrong
    You know I’m a dang redneck
  5. Lance.G

    Lance.G Well-Known Member

    Yup badger Crome. Awesome brush
  6. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    I use a Badger Renegade Spirit. It has removable color jars that each hold about an ounce of paint. It's ambidextrous, which is good for old lefty me.!
  7. fishtech2029

    fishtech2029 Member

    I have the pacche compressor with an adjustable regulator and a single h3 pasche airbrush kit and the tg3 talon kit both work great its nice to regulate your pressure .if you plan on doing it get yourself setup once not twice you wont regret it im like you just starting out lots of good people here to help you I know already from talking with them ....
  8. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

  9. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    The question is not what’s the best but what quality are you looking for.
    Are you looking for extreme detail work, good basic work?
    The one thing I look at when I buy equipment especially an airbrush is this, ITS MY EVERY DAY WORKHORSE!!
    TCP global supply house has great deals on non-name airbrushes that comes in 2-5mm . You can get them at a fair price and then you can in the future decide if you want a name brand with quality behind it.
    I have way to many of them as I collected them through the yrs of doing this but in my opinion only nothing has beaten the quality and smoothness of an Iwata.
    You get what you pay for but a lot of quality work not only comes from your airbrush but the person behind it. That’s where a lot of skill comes in .
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  10. X2 on iwata ,there's a learning curve with which paints you use and how to thin them.
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  11. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    He's gone. Posted on May 30th and never returned.