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The Month In Fish Pictures "summer Edition" July/ August 2020!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    The Month in Fish Pictures "Summer Edition" July/ August Image-8.jpg 2020!!!!!!!

    A warm welcome from Hinsdale NH! I hope all is well and you’re staying safe and are healthy! Get out and fish and live your life as you have one to live!

    There will better times to come once again as they will be here soon! I have talked to so many folks in the industry and learned of stories of folks dealing with it all! The important thing is to remember that we are resourceful and filled with ingenuity! This skill gives us an opportunity to ready ourselves for the opening of the country and the world. Stay positive, keep creating and working hard and take a moment to call a friend or text someone you care about!

    Over the past decade’s a wealth of contributors and many great folks who take time to share in this great tradition! We all begin somewhere and all the learning and work hard that goes into the pursuit at being is what makes us the fish artists we become

    Why so we share your work!!!!! This tradition of the Month in Fish Pictures has always been a spot on the taxidermy.net where folks can and do come to show their work without criticism and hard comments! So, let’s remember to always keep it that way. As the moderator of this section I do not get too involved with censorship not do I ever want too. So be respectful of all and remember we all have a long way to go and should be enjoying the processes!

    Thanks to all the friends sharing their gifts and talents! Inspiration in what we share is part of the friendliness and positive observations of fans of fish work. This is a great place to start in upward in direction of inspiration other with your work regardless of your skill level as a fish taxidermist or Fishcarver!

    You’re here reading because you want to be inspired to be the best Fishhead you can be! Always be thankful for your gifts of great passion and talent as an artist! It is a blessing to me for our lives to be joined from time to time to share and learn from one another so thank you for your great taxidermy work and your lives continue to be blessed with inspiration!!!!

    I want to personally say thank you for joining me each month for each installment of the Bi-Monthly in Fish Pictures to share in your successes and accomplishments! I have seen first-hand the great strides so many have made with beautiful fish work! Good for you and congratulations on your hard work!!!!

    A BIG thank all the great contributors who not only share their personal great talents and work but also rather give such positive inspiration to all of us!

    All levels of artists are welcome!!!! From beginners to the best in the world we all join in every month in a critique free and hassle-free string with nothing more than great artist and inspiring fish taxidermist and carves get together to share with one another their praise and inspiration of good will and friendship to one another. No egos just friendly folks who appreciate the efforts of others!

    I want to start the month of July with a few photos from a Brent Nobles of Fur Feather and Fin taxidermy from Colusa California. Brent spend some time with us to learn some mounting and molding techniques.

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful fish work this segment! See you in September! Be “SAFE” and be kind to one another!

    Summer is here! Enjoy the Summer!!

    My Best

    Rick Krane


    Here is some inspiring work from Brent Nobles! Image-8.jpg



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  2. JHardman

    JHardman Active Member

    I really like the eye pic! now that is using reference!
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  3. crablover

    crablover Well-Known Member

    40" Custom Repo STRIPED BASS 1.jpg
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  4. Wally Gator

    Wally Gator Well-Known Member

    AA783CBA-137E-43A8-BB4D-31140EEB8EBD.jpeg A customer’s grandson’s first fish, 4 lb. LMB. I hope he likes it.
  5. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    Skinmount michigan boot B4E1E05D-ACC1-42CA-ABD1-62A9CB1DCB4F.jpeg
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  6. Good job! It looks nice, he will love it!
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  7. lapoisse

    lapoisse Active Member

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  8. Mudbat

    Mudbat Well-Known Member

    Female skinmount has a abnormally large soft dorsal. 502C1BF8-A9F5-406C-92E7-0ACCA9A5F197.jpeg big male skinmount 3732031F-6C0F-4466-B856-58FCE20E46F9.jpeg
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  9. Macdaddy

    Macdaddy Active Member

    arp 3d repro

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  10. crablover

    crablover Well-Known Member

    Very nice work Mudbat! here is another trot line crab mount Trot line crab 3 (2).jpg
  11. lake trout repro _09A9081.jpg o
  12. lake Winnipeg greenback walleye winnipeg greenback walleye.jpg
  13. walleye _09A8920.jpg _09A8998.jpg
  14. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    39" Atlantic salmon 117277492_702680726976584_1989310062453601642_n.png
  15. Trapper2016

    Trapper2016 Thanks for this awesome forum!

    I have had this perch replica sitting around forever and decided to have some fun with it. I have always loved the coloration of Tiger Trout so i decided to make a Tiger Perch. I kinda like how it turned out. Gave me some experience anyway. Hope everyone is doing well.
    Tiger PErch.jpg Tiger Perch 2.jpg
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  16. crablover

    crablover Well-Known Member

    Custom molded 90 lb Broad Bill Swordfish P1050772 (2).jpg P1050772 (2).jpg
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  17. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    117911079_3883522488330341_8912753563487615353_o.jpg Sea run Brown trout (Scotland UK) custom mold,
  18. ARUsher

    ARUsher Well-Known Member

    Just finished my first fish. 53" Bull Dorado replica. 20200822_162521.jpg 20200822_162508.jpg
  19. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    14lb Brown trout custom mold IMG_1720.png