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How Long? (question Of Ethics)

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by dmac1175, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    How long do I hold on to this turkey mount? I mounted this bird 5-10-2016. Customer paid off the entire balance plus a $200 tip on 1-26-2017. He did not take the mount with him. It is still in my shop.
    He has told me a time or two he will get it sometime. Have not communicated in couple years possibly longer. Phone number is no good. He had a friend drop off a duck and a whitetail rack for shoulder mount. I have not done the mounts because he never gave a deposit. Can't reach him either. I know one person that knows the guy with the turkey but he doesn't know how to reach him either. He said that he heard that he went down a bad moral path and moved to California and almost died.
    As a Christian I want to do what is right. I want to hear your opinions.
    Should I wait indefinitely for him to call?
    Would I be justified in moving the mount on down the road?
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  2. drob

    drob Active Member

    If you have the room,why not use it as a display in your shop?It,s paid for and it shows the quality of your work.If you don,t have the room you,ve been more than patient-IMO!
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  3. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    What is the statute of limitations in your state? I would think that after 3 years it would be considered abandoned.
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  4. What does your contract say? One of the things my customers agree to when they sign is that they have 90 days to pick up their mount after it is finished. The law does require me to send them a certified letter before I can sell it
  5. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Yep I’d send Reg letter to last known address and give 30 days then it yours to do with what you want. If letter comes back then it’s yours sooner
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  6. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    Thanks for the replies.
    I don't really need another turkey for my show room. Sounds like I need to send a certified letter.
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  7. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Although it depends on your state, I would think by now it's abandoned property. Keep a paper trail showing your attempts to contact the customer.
  8. Westcoast

    Westcoast Active Member

    Donate it
  9. Westcoast

    Westcoast Active Member

    Or sell it as an extremely realistic decoy
  10. Richs Taxidermy

    Richs Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    Didn't leave you an adress when he dropped it off ,I would take a ride ,
  11. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    If he's in town I would deliver it
  12. Normally after 30-90 days it becomes your property to do as fit, depends on your state. I have charges a storage fee, in the past for a customer not picking up mount.
  13. Dayital

    Dayital New Member

    I had a similar situation and I can say that you said everything correctly, it's a matter of ethics and everyone can solve it on their own. I can encourage you to read about the personal code of ethics at https://studydriver.com/personal-code-of-ethics/, which can help you resolve this dilemma. I think it will be interesting
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  14. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    I had a moose head 5 years one time and I could not contact the owner, same type of story. . I sold the mount and unbelievably but true the very next day he called and wanted it. He was really mad a said I would hearing from his lawyer. I never did or from him again either. It was very stressful
    . Just keep the mount on display.